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When we told our friends that we were starting a vegan podcast, the response was overwhelming and universal. "What's the third bad thing?" they asked.  It was a legitimate question, and each of them soon received a swift and brutal answer.   

VEGAN SYMPATHIZER isn't just for committed vegans like Vance. It's actually for meatballs like Don who want to learn more about tasty, meat-free options, people who love bacon and ribs and buffalo wings but know that animal fat is not exactly health food and sometimes feel a little guilty about the way animals are farmed like industrial crops so we can stuff their maimed bodies into our mouths. The podcast is one man's personal quest to seek out new food ideas to try, at the supermarket and restaurants and at home, and understand why diehard vegans die so hard. We keep the banter light and funny, smart and occasionally stupid.  In a way, this podcast is a buddy comedy with food tasting and a few sneaky, mindblowing ideas. 

Vance Lehmkuhl in 2005 created the 4th-ever vegan podcast, Vegcast, which has over 120 episodes. He wrote the column 'V for Veg' for the Philadelphia Daily News from 2011 to 2017 and is the author of Eating Vegan in Philly, a combined restaurant finder and cultural history. He founded the eco-pop band Green Beings and wrote the pro-vegan patter song 'Leftovers,' which he claims has been featured on the Dr. Demento show many times. Nowadays Vance is director of communications for the American Vegan Society (which isn't affiliated with our podcast in any way).

Don Steinberg  is a journalist and humor writer who has left wreckage at The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, GQ, and other newspapers and magazines.  Honestly, check out "Disturbing Digital Coincidences" and "Dishwasher Loading Techniques Throughout History."   He has written profusely about sports and movies and edited the book Jokes Every Man Should Know.  

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