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Episode #3: "The Vegan Cheese Expedition"

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Bleumy White, Conscious Cultures Creamery

In the news segment, Vance rationalizes eating plants that reportedly shriek in agony when they are killed. He doesn't really buy it.

Then the dangerously cheesy eating begins. At Philadelphia's Greyhound Cafe, Don and Vance taste freshly prepared ricotta with shells and tomato sauce (only the ricotta is fake) and an ersatz chicken cheesesteak.

On the way to the restaurant, we stopped in South Philly at a vegan bodega called V Marks the Shop, where we picked up a little wheel of Bleumy White, an actually delicious faux brie from Conscious Cultures Creamery.

Shells + ricotta @ Greyhound Cafe

Don also smuggled in a questionable jar of Cashew Queso. Vance brought some passable phony feta, and some rubbery slabs of something else.

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