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Episode #5: "Vegan Home Cooking!"

Finally, we cook -- and have some VEGAN SYPATHZER recipes to share. Vance wanted there to be a theme to the meals we prepared at home, and Don suggested the October-episode theme be "NO PUMPKIN!" Vance makes a Southwestern veggie and grain bowl (posing for a picture here). Don adapts his special pork gyoza (Japanese fried dumplings), replacing the pork filling with chopped mushrooms and ground pumpkin seeds (yeah I know). Those recipes are on this website! In the thrilling discussion segment, Vance blows minds by explaining that veganism is actually NOT ABOUT FOOD food at all (well, not entirely). Don mentions a survey that suggested people are eating more plant-based food during the pandemic, cites a Jerry Seinfeld bit about laundry, and complains that we were taught the wrong thing about taste buds in school.

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